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Sports Handicappers That Bet What They Sell

Why do we love La$ Vega$? Because it's where the money is!

Why is Pro sports betting tips
different from other sports sites?

On A Major Wager, you won't read absurd claims of success that we can't be substantiate or that you know yourself is highly unlikely. Additionally, we pride ourselves knowing that we bet every game we give to our clients. We are a very savvy betting group that moves the lines with the size of our wagers. When you become a member and subscriber of A Major Wager, you will see that you are on the right side in games we give you by the way lines move in your favor.

Unlike most other sports sites, at you aren't just another account number but instead our partner investing in games with a single goal; profit. Our primary business is not selling our games, it's betting our games. Acting as investors in sports games, rather than as gamblers, we give you only games where we believe we have an edge over the public and the book. That edge, in addition to a thorough analysis of each game, is extensive experience in spotting betting lines that are off.

The primary handicapper of A Major Wager, Brett Blackmon, is as transparent as anyone on the internet. He is ranked high at, an independent sports handicapper rating site that monitors thousands of handicappers selling selections. In addition to viewing Brett's standing at, you can also follow him on social networks that will help you stay informed with what is transpiring in sports.

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